Stand Trolley Single Sided
(Pipe - Dia 33 x 550 mm)
Stand Trolley Single Sided
(Tube - 60 x 40 x 550 mm)
Stand Trolley Single Sided
(Side Pipe - Dia 33 x 100 mm)
Stand Trolley Single sided impeller stand
Stand Trolley Double sided casing stand
  • Industrial Stand trolleys base is fabricated from single piece m. s. sheet bended to form 'C' channel at ends to give good aesthetic look & is ribbed at bottom with angles to increase strength
  • Stand trolley is fitted with 2 fixed & 2 swivel castors for mobility.
  • Two vertical members are welded over base & four horizontal members are bolted to them to form a rigid structure. Both vertical & horizontal members are provided with holes @ 50 x 50 mm pitch for various arrangements.
  • Load carring members Pipe dia 33 x 550 mm long, Tube 60 x 40 x 550 mm long are fitted to horizontal members with nut bolts.
  • Stand trolleys are available in single sided & double sided stand trolleys.
  • Stand trolleys are widely used on production lines, in stores, on shop floor for material storage & transportation.
  • Stand trolleys with pipes are used for bobbins, reels etc. Stand trolleys with rectangular section are used to carry long pipe, tubes, bars etc.
MODEL Stand - S Stand - D
Capacity (Kg) 600 1000
Platform Size ( L x W mm) 1250 x 600 1250 x 1200
Overall Height of Trolley (mm) 1550 1550
No. of Horizontal levels 4 Nos. 4 Nos.
No. of Pipes / level 4 Nos. 8 Nos.
No. of Pipe / trolley 16 Nos. 32 Nos.
Castor Wheels ( D x W mm ) 150 X 50 200 X 50