CAPACITY : 5000 & 9000 kg.
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  • Robust In Construction.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact and economical design.
  • Avoids chances of accidents.
  • Lifting of dock with two cylinders.
  • Control panel coupled to power pack.
  • Reduces man efforts, man power, man hours.
  • Reduces loading / unloading time of vehicles.
  • Specially designed Polyurethane buffers for shock absorption.
  • 10 mm checked plate for Lip to prevent deflection under load.
  • High performance Hydraulic power pack.
  • Realible eletrical control panel for smooth operation.
Doc Leveller
Doc Leveller
Doc Leveller
Doc Leveller
  • Dock Leveler is an adjustable ramp between loading vehicle & despatch section. It bridges the gap between despatch section level and truck height.
  • Popularly used in warehouses, godowns, in factories for efficient loading/unloading of material.
  • Dock leveler is operated by fully automatic electro hydraulic power pack, 415 v, 3 phase AC supply.
  • Control panel is provided with 4 separate push buttons for Dock up, Dock down, Lip up & Lip Down operations. Additional emergency off push button is provided for safety.
  • Control panel is coupled to power pack with stand for easy maintenance.
  • The dock is lifted up by 2 hydraulic cylinders for proper balancing & to avoid uneven load on hinges.
  • Dock leveler is a one piece assembly for easy commissioning.
  • Specially designed I beam structure with thick ribs at each joints makes entire structure rigid and prevents deffection under heavy loades.
  • The dock levelers are designed to move up and down to suit varied heights of the tempo, truck, LCV, container so that the material handling equipments like fork lifts etc. can be directly taken in and out of the loading vehicles which increases productity asnd safety.


Capacity (kg) 5000 9000
Dock Width W (mm) 1800 2100
Dock Length L (mm) 2400 2700
Overall Length with Lip L1 (mm) 2800 3100
Lip Extension E (mm) 400 400
Working Range Above X (mm) 300 300
Working Range Below Y (mm) 250 250
Dock top Height H (mm) 600 600
Motor Power 1 HP 1 HP
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Doc Leveller
Doc Leveller
Doc Leveller
Doc Leveller